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Medical Glass

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Medical Glass

New precision glass and optics technologies are transforming the way the medical industry works, and Precision Medical Glass (PMG) is on the leading edge. PMG manufactures a variety of custom glass and ceramic components for the medical industry. A few examples include hermetically sealed implantable sensors, custom medical capillary slides, cuvettes, custom optical filters, ceramic probe tips, nozzles, ablating and cauterizing tips, precision tubes, sapphire windows, and advanced IR lenses used in infrared sensors.


Every kind of glass reacts differently to different environmental conditions: some are highly reactive to moisture, while others are very sensitive to acidic environments. Some are brittle and prone to breaking, while others scratch easily. Precision Medical Glass (PMG) understands the needs of the medical industry, and we use numerous advanced glass and ceramic materials to meet specific industry needs.

Optical Coating Options

We help our customers choose the substrates with the exact durability, transmission, and compatibility for any given application or device. Our equipment allows us to machine, polish, pattern, and coat precision optical and non-optical glass components to exact technical specifications defined by you, your OEM supplier, instrument designer, or contract manufacturer. We can apply an optical thin film coating, hydrophilic or hydrophobic coating, anti-reflective coating, UV reflective coating, and perform chemical and heat strengthening.

Many Applications

Custom Glass Slides

Custom medical slides and microscope slides, custom manufactured by Precision Medical Glass (PMG), are essential to diagnostic imaging and medical test devices that allow ophthalmology, endoscopy, and microscopy researchers to perform sterilization and verification of sterilization in the field.


Precision Tubes

Precision tubes are essential in the medical industry; they can be sterilized, they don’t react to gases, body fluids, or chemicals; and can be custom designed to restrict flow and prevent capillary action.


Probe Tips and Cutting Blades

Precision Medical Glass (PMG) manufactures custom probe tips, nozzles, and cutting blades with advanced ceramics prized by the medical industry for their unique heat absorption properties.

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